December 2018
07/12/2018Becoming a substantial holder from IGO
06/12/2018Appendix 3B & s708 notice
November 2018
29/11/2018Double Magic Exploration Success Secures IGO Partnership
29/11/2018Results of Annual General Meeting
15/11/2018Appendix 3B & s708 notice
06/11/2018BUX Acquires Land Holding Adjacent to Merlin, Double Magic
06/11/2018NWC: Divestment of West Kimberley Project
01/11/2018Quarterly Activities Report
01/11/2018Quarterly Cashflow Report
October 2018
29/10/2018Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
01/10/2018Appendix 4G & Corporate Governance Statement
01/10/2018Annual Report
September 2018
24/09/201810m of strong mineralisation 110m step out at Conductor J
20/09/2018Aeromagnetic Survey and Field Work Commences at Sentinel
17/09/20186m @ 2.51% Nickel Equivalent at Conductor H
August 2018
27/08/201840m @ 1.0% Nickel Equivalent at Double Magic
23/08/2018Trading Halt
10/08/2018Brecciated massive sulphides intersected at three conductors
03/08/2018Appendix 3B & s708 notice
01/08/2018Quarterly Activities Report
July 2018
31/07/2018Quarterly Cashflow Report
27/07/2018Results of General Meeting
23/07/2018Significant Massive Sulphide Mineralisation at Conductor J
16/07/2018Drilling Commences at Merlin Prospect - Double Magic Project
11/07/2018West Kimberley Exploration Pipeline to Advance at Sentinel
June 2018
27/06/2018Notice of General Meeting
26/06/2018Directors of DDH1 elect shares as payment for drill program
18/06/2018Buxton Resources Investor Presentation - June 2018
14/06/2018Multiple Drill Targets Identified from Gravity and EM Survey
14/06/2018Multiple Drill Targets Identified from Gravity and EM Survey
May 2018
15/05/2018West Kimberley Exploration Update
14/05/2018West Kimberley Exploration Update
01/05/2018Quarterly Cashflow Report
01/05/2018Quarterly Activities Report
April 2018
30/04/2018West Kimberley 2018 Field Season Commences
March 2018
14/03/2018Half Yearly Report and Accounts
January 2018
31/01/2018Quarterly Cashflow Report
31/01/2018Quarterly Activities Report